The Art of List-Making.

Ask my boyfriend, I am mental when it comes to this topic; LISTS!!!!. Society today is all about laptops, Macbooks, iPhones and androids. Whilst I fully embrace and love being a part of the online world, when it comes to making a list nothing makes me happier than turning onto a fresh new page of lined paper and feeling that sense of…  ‘Sarah, you’re one organised individual’.

‘it all began as soon as I learnt to hold a pen’


I list absolutely everything!!!! Whether it’s shopping, things our house needs over the coming months, pros and cons lists for any situation no matter how important to my life, I will seize that opportunity to grab my pen and jot it down. One of the main things I use a list for every month, and find it helps greatly, is our finances. Just writing down every bill that is going to come out of the account, the dates it needs to come out, joint bills and then a separate subheading for individual bills like phones and cars. I’m writing this realising I have no idea why I am like this. Although I may sound slightly mad, if not obsessed, this particular one does help a lot with organising our lives and where every penny is going because if something is miscalculated you can get yourself in a sticky situation for missing a payment and writing it down just makes you see so much more clearly.

Part of my Everyday Life

Since being really young I have always used a pen and paper as my main escape and creative outlet. In 2018 I am 22 and relaying a similar passion on this keyboard, but that is just because that is how it is done nowadays. Despite my love for my blog, writing and photography too, it all began pretty much as soon as I learnt to hold a pen; a passion for writing down absolutely anything and everything that springs to mind.


Today, I put on a pair of comfy socks, get a hot drink, sit and write. I must be the only person in the world that enjoys writing the shopping list but to me that just proves my love for this began in its simplest form.



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