Happy International Women’s Day.


Aren’t we incredible creatures? and we have a day devoted to how utterly fabulous we really are. Let’s take a second to think about history and how far we have come. I am so proud to be female and a woman. We have fought to be seen as equal and, although the fight still continues today, we have proven to everyone that your gender doesn’t matter and you can be amazing and passionate about something if you truly love it. We have come on leaps and bounds in the past one hundred years and believe it when I say girls, our great, great grandmothers would not recognise this world we have created but they’d be damn proud of what we have done.

Never Give Up.

Never stop fighting for equality. By that I don’t mean ‘put us above men’ because that isn’t what I believe in either. I mean never stop fighting for the right to be heard, respected and understood. Remember that you have as much right as the man or woman standing next to you to have your say and shine. Every man has his value and every woman has hers too; we are all unique and worthy in our own way. Don’t ever think you’re below anyone, don’t ever think you’re not good enough for something because if you love it, put your heart into it and work as hard as you possibly can, you’ll achieve great things, guaranteed.



I am a Woman.

Today specifically celebrates women, what it is to be one and how far we have come. In this post I have shared some pictures of me *selfies* because although sometimes there’s a mentality that you can’t promote ‘YOU’, or that vanity is a terrible trait, I am here saying that I am proud of me *why do I find that so hard to say, it almost makes me emotional* It should feel amazing to say that about myself but I must admit it doesn’t sit too comfortably; 2018 is going to be the year I can openly say ‘Well done, Sarah.’ I am incredibly proud of all my achievements up until this point in my life. I am proud of my roots, my education and above all, my morals. I believe in a fair and equal society, which is exactly why appreciating women every single day, not just today, is so important. I also want to give a little shout out to men today too because some of the most influential people in my life have been men. My dad, grandad, brother and boyfriend all guide me, or have done, in some way throughout life and I can honestly say without those MEN I wouldn’t be able to be as proud of the WOMAN that I am today.

Cue the lyrics ‘I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman’ – If you don’t know that song please google those lyrics and listen, it is in my favourite scene of the Sex and the City movie; completely empowering!


My view is that we’re all one. We all deserve respect, love and support. I am so proud to be, not only a woman, but who I am. Everyone in my life, good and bad, has impacted how I have turned out and I want to yell from the rooftops ‘Sarah, you’re a woman and a great one at that’.


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