How to: Make the most of each morning.


My morning routine, like everyone’s I think, has become very mundane. ‘Get up. Kettle on. Feed dogs.’ It really does feel as sluggish as reading that and I have frankly had enough.

I know this sounds super deep but Carpe Diem is just leaping out at me right now. Waking up every single day, no matter how much we take it for granted, is an absolute blessing. If yesterday was terrible, if tomorrow might be a bad day and hey, even if today turns out to be just pure rubbish, I really believe waking up right could affect your mood for the entire day.

Now, don’t allow me to make you believe I’m an individual that sits up, stretches my arms and smiles at all my woodland creatures who are about to help me get dressed whilst singing with me, because I’m not; and unfortunately I’m not Cinderella either *sad face*. I usually fall out of bed, hair stuck across my face, balting to the thermostat and powering it up to some ridiculously high temperature because it’s sooooooo cold!! Despite my ‘not the best’ reality every morning, recently, I have decided to seize my day from the beginning.

‘I even used to bang my hand on the floor whilst laying there so she thought I was walking around’
STEP 1: Wake up, Get up.

If I am honest, this step has become so much easier for me in the past year. Before I owned a dog I slept in until the most ridiculous hours of the afternoon, yes! I said afternoon, and felt no way about it. When I lived at home with my parents, my Mum would have to scream at me to get up (I even used to bang my hand on the floor whilst laying there so she thought I was walking around *scandalous Sarah*) we would argue because I would be so ratty and just not a morning person at all. When I moved to University accommodation it got progressively worse as no one was there to scream at me. I would wake up mid-afternoon and feel literally terrible about myself and the day. I have to tell you this behaviour didn’t last all too long because like I say it really did make you feel much worse and nowadays I can’t sleep much past 8am even if I try!!! After getting Buddy (my 1 year old puppy) I began having to wake-up early to let him out and train him properly, as he began to be able to hold the toilet longer into the morning we bought Max (my 8 month old puppy) and the cycle began again, so I just can’t sleep-in anymore.

The process is a good idea though because it allows me to open the back door and let my dogs out, the fresh air hits me and then the pop of the kettle is the best noise I hear knowing my warm beverage is nearly ready. Feeding my dogs doesn’t feel like a chore because I take my tea back upstairs with me and they’ll come running up when they’re finished all full, warm and sleepy again.


STEP 2: Have some ‘you’ time.

I realise that most people’s mornings are filled with the hectic schedule of getting themselves ready for work and possibly children ready for school too, depending on your lifestyle, but it is really important to not forget about yourself in amongst all the morning chaos; if you leave the house stressed and rushed your day might not get any better and that’s not what we want. If you take some time out to have a hot shower with some of your favourite shower cream, or just something you love and class as a little bit more luxurious, then you will feel a difference in yourself because you have just taken a moment to think ‘I’m worth this lovely product’ or ‘Smelling amazing all day is going to help just that little bit’.

STEP 3: Let the outside reflect the inside.

Take time to make yourself look how you feel best, whether that’s casual and looking great in some jeans and a nice jumper or whether you’re required to have a smarter look and throw on a bright colour to make it really feel like Spring or even an all black outfit because it is just so chic and simple. Whatever makes you feel at your best, at your most confident, will really help with whatever you have on your to-do list for the day; if you feel great about you, you’ll look it too.

STEP 4: The car is my zen-zone.

It isn’t all about the physical. We all know appearance isn’t everything and that there is so much more to life than how we look. Your mind is one of the most incredible tools you have and on my way anywhere I like to fill my space with what’s about to occur in my day. I know that my boyfriend does a similar sort of thing, sometimes he likes listening to stand-up comedy in the car, sometimes its classical music but he has expressed to me that when he listens to motivational or inspirational speeches he really just wants to conquer his day; get up and do something. I really enjoy relaxing and zen music as well because I am a worrier, and an overthinker, and I have learnt that overthinking situations only hinders me, so no more Sarah.

Just a few things about my mornings that I have thought about and changed recently. Please let me know all about your mornings. I want to know about the school runs? Rush hour stories? or people who work from home? I’d love to hear about it all!




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