Life is Good: An Update


For me, there is literally nothing better than sitting with a cup of tea, my laptop on my knee and writing about how I feel.

Life has changed so drastically for me in the past 4-5 months and I cannot explain how happy I am feeling right now.


‘I’m in a new relationship where I am completely respected, loved and supported.’


Let’s get my head out of the clouds for just a minute! Nothing is ever perfect and asking for that, or wanting that even can┬ábe seen as naive. I know my life and circumstances are not everyone’s idea of heaven but for me I am honestly feeling blessed.

I’m in a new relationship where I am completely and utterly respected, loved and supported. To hear someone you adore so much just say to you ‘I’m proud of you’, and for once it wasn’t my mum *love you and your support still mum, thank you* is the most amazing feeling. I had a rough time in school, a rough few years with relationships and now I finally feel so settled in my own skin. Now, I am not saying in any way whatsoever that you need the ‘perfect relationship’ (IT DOES NOT EXIST) to make you happy but what you 100% do not need, is to be in a bad one, nothing ruins your life more; I’m speaking from experience. If someone isn’t appreciating you, encouraging you or┬áloving you so much you start to see the wonder in yourself, then I think you need to step back, take a look and think ‘is this right for me?’ and more often than not you’ll realise you deserve the absolute world and you’re not getting it.

I am in the second half of my second year of university now and I am really starting to think about afterwards, what I want to do, where I want to be and, as much as no idea springs immediately to mind, I know my heart and passion is in writing and discussion. I love people, I love to interact with the world and there is no greater power than that of the written word.

My blog is my little haven and sitting here writing this just feels like my life is coming together and headed somewhere, perhaps that is optimistic, but it is always okay to dream. I have began doing a few mini vlogs of my day, which may seem uninteresting to anyone else, but as much as I love to write whatever is in my head, I love to say it too. Everything about filming, editing, organising etc. just makes me beyond happy and I cannot thank every single person that follows my journey enough, you really do matter to me.

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