The Perfect Brow

perfect brow

Is there any such thing as the ‘perfect brow’?

I think everyone that’s into makeup, and their own personal look, is always searching for ways to perfect EVERYTHING!! Perfect doesn’t exist people; it’s fantasy.

Having said that, I believe that no particular brow shape suits everyone and that is something we have to remember. The past few years has really brought on the brow phenomenon. Does anyone else remember when no one really bothered with theirs that much, just groomed them and then left them? I can’t actually imagine the time where everyone’s eyebrows weren’t filled in, held with gel and really achieving that desired ‘fleek’ we all seem to strive for nowadays. Looking back at pictures of myself a few years ago, especially my last year of school, THEY LOOK HORRENDOUS; I can’t even stare for long.

‘I know I’m not alone and that is why the cosmetic industry is one of the largest in the world’

Some may say how silly it is to get fixated on something physical, something that is merely a feature on the face. To that I say, I agree in the sense that things matter much more to me than my physical appearance but surely I can’t be the only one who feels the rush of confidence and the urge to let the world see when my makeup has gone fabulously that morning? As a matter of fact, I know I’m not alone and that is why the cosmetic industry is one of the largest in the world; we all want to look good and I say ‘power to the people’.



I LIVE for a strong brow. Mine are naturally very dense and thick, all the hairs you can see in the pictures are my own, so you can imagine how wild they were before I learnt to tame them properly. I fill them in using ‘MAC Charcoal Brown’, which is just one of their eyeshadow colours; it is great for brunette eyebrows too because it has no red undertones; which can sometimes cause your eyebrows to turn out orange and not match your hair at all. However, if you are a redhead, a friend of mine has beautiful ginger hair and I know she uses the exact same method and product as me, just in the colour ‘Wedge’ by MAC, so definitely give that one a check if you’re blessed with those beautiful auburn locks.


I want to share with you all, because I do get quite a few compliments on my brows, the one important rule my Mum taught me growing up… DO NOT PLUCK THEM!! I am 21 years of age, and although I know plucking works for so many, there is not a chance of me EVER doing it. My Mum always told me to leave my brows, ‘don’t touch them Sarah’ she’d say!! I listened to my Mum’s advice *for the first and last time* and now I have gotten older, understand my face properly, understand the look I want and can now style them (using hair removal cream!! Everyone is always so shocked by that one) properly. Girls I went to school with plucked, plucked and then plucked some more and are now left with hardly any hair to work with at all. I believe my Mum was speaking from experience because thin brows were very fashionable in the 80s and now I’m sure she wishes she’d just left them like mine.

If thinner brows suit you better, which I definitely know is a thing, then that’s amazing; whatever works for you. I have a few friends that have the ‘thinner brow’ look and it really suits their delicate features. However, they are still styled, groomed and, most importantly again, NOT OVER-PLUCKED; try and avoid getting to that ‘one line of hairs’ look if you can, and if you’re already there, as gruelling as it may be, lay off the tweezers for a while, see what you’re naturally working with and just maintain the strays that don’t follow your natural arch.



Of course all of this is completely subjective and just my opinion, like I began saying, there is no such thing as the ‘perfect brow’. They are an amazing attribute to frame the face beautifully, if you’re happy with your look that’s honestly all that matters. Carry it with confidence, you look fabulous and you know it!

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