about saraheve

about saraheve


SarahEve was created through nothing but sheer love for the written word. I am 21 years old and with a degree in English Language in my very near future, the love of writing within me has burst past capacity and just had to be published somewhere online; so why not on my own personal blog, right?

Here is a place to discuss everything and anything; I go where my fingertips take me. From talking about takeaways to reflecting on a troubled school-life, it’s literally all here.

I want this to be a place someone can come to get that sense of ‘I’m fine’. I want to be that bit of light & happiness in people’s day because that is exactly what reading blog posts does for me. You go into your own little bubble of content and I hope this site is that very thing for someone out there.

Despite my degree I am not here for perfect grammar and correctly structured sentences, I want you to read as if I were sat with you, speaking face-to-face. My quirky jargon and interesting mannerisms need to shine through the words on your screen so you can get to know me; the real me.

sarahevesheldon.com is overflowing with passion, love and drive. This website defines me, welcome to my world.