The SIMPLE Life.

A luxurious skincare routine is always in my mind as I envisage this perfect life where I have absolutely nothing else to do with my day other than pamper moi! But as that is a reality for pretty much none of us, I am here to big up the SIMPLE life, the life of one product fits all whilst not stinging your eyes!!

I know I cannot be the only one who hates that!!








‘…one of the easiest ways there is to remove
that stubborn foundation that’s probably
sunk into every pore on your face
by the latter hours of the day…’











After trying about a thousand *kagillion* (new number) different types of makeup removers, including micellar water from all the top brands, I think a lot of people would say it’s one of the easiest ways there is to remove that stubborn foundation that’s probably sunk into every pore on your face by the latter hours of the day and all that mascara that’s still clinging on for dear life, glued to our eyelashes.

Ladies, you know that description is true and it has to be BUDGED!

Certain types of skincare routines where you have to tone this and moisturise that just don’t suit everyone and I am talking from experience as someone whom suffered terribly in her teenage years, and still to this day in many respects.

I had spots constantly, even if it was just one, it was always hideous and humiliated me every single day. I felt like everyone was staring at me from the age of 14 and it never stopped. Even though I don’t have half the problem I once did now my hormones have began to balance at 21, I am left badly scarred still and if I have a bad spot, the scar will literally be there for years to come. So, if you assume I’m one of those bloggers who tries all these products and has fabulous skin that copes with it all perfectly, now you know how far from the truth that one is.



The Simple Micellar Water has to be one of my favourites because, although I always thought that Simple’s ‘gentle on skin’ mantra was just marketing, I am now completely sold and couldn’t agree with it more! This really does remove a lot of makeup well and with absolutely zero stinging sensation; it’s a fabulous price too!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, my brother is an actor and is currently playing a role where he has to dress-up like a woman, in full hair, makeup, the works! I pulled my micellar water out of my bag in London last week and he said ‘THAT’S MY MAKEUP REMOVER TOO’ rather an odd thing to hear coming from my brother’s mouth but I put two-and-two together rather quickly *haha*. The makeup team on set had him using one product that stung his eyes and his skin, especially as his skin isn’t used to any cosmetic products at all, they transferred him to The Simple Micellar water and even he was thrilled with it; and he honestly couldn’t care less about any products or the industry, so that proves it works on even it’s toughest critics!

Absolutely perfect for the summer months where you’re too hot to put 75,000 different bottled porducts on your face or you just think ‘nope, cannot be bothered today, one product to see me through all day *ALWAYS APPLY SUNCREAM TOO THOUGH*, reach for your Simple Micellar water.

My advice; look after the skin you have, it’s all you have to live in.

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