The re-birth of SarahEve…

2018 has brought many trials and tribulations, and it’s only 1st March *not a strong start but still breathing*.On a more positive note though, my love and complete adoration for blogging has returned to me once more.

Unfortunately, the site I had been creating since 2016 has been deleted (all my content that is, fortunately I still own my domain) whilst I am really disheartened by this it is now irreversible and I intend to give the ‘re-birth’ she deserves. I plan on making content that fully reflects me, what I enjoy reading and not what I thought a blogger should be. It is incredibly easy when you start this sort of thing, especially as a young adult like I did, to not have a bloody clue what you’re getting in to. I always knew I loved writing and editing but I had an idea of the ‘perfect blogger’ but Sarah, there isn’t one, there just is not; now I know this.

I am excited about giving my blog a new lease of life, sticking to my topics, my schedule and just doing this for me…

Speak to you all soon. x


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