Tidy Home, Tidy Mind.

Growing up I was THE messiest teenager going! Don’t get me wrong I am not perfectly tidy now in any way, but since having my own home it becomes almost a necessity for me to make my living space comfortable; and that includes tidying.

Daily Chores.

For me, nothing actually feels better than when I wash every single pot, wipe down the sides with that disinfectant that fills the room with a fresh lemon smell and light a candle or too. I don’t believe in waiting for nighttime to light my fragrances. I tend to light a lot more candles at night, for that warm, inviting glow they create, but candles and incense lit throughout the day are perfect for making your house smell incredible.

The best app.

To those of you who cleaning comes so naturally, you probably won’t need this but I recently downloaded an app called Tody. It has every room listed on there and you can add tasks that need doing in that room, how often they need doing, and then it notifies you when something is really due a clean & tidy. This is so helpful when it comes to things like ‘clean out the fridge’ or ‘take the bins out’ (Yup! it even has a garden section too) It is just an amazing place to really organise your homelife, plus, it doesn’t let you forget any chore; which is exactly what I need.

Moving out has definitely made me see that growing up isn’t always fun but I have learnt along the way that the tidier my house, the clearer my mind.






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