5 Tips for Moving House.

Number 1: DON’T!!!!! 

I am of course joking! Moving can be one of the most exciting times in your life but I think every single person on this planet would agree with me when I say it is by far one of the most stressful things too!


I can only speak from personal experience, and I have only ever rented, but when you realise you have to still pay rent for the house you currently live in, find the first month’s rent for the new property, find the deposit, which is usually just as much, if not a bit more than the rent, and all the estate agency fees too, you’re looking at a few thousands pounds that you’re going to have to find pretty quickly!!

All this advice is coming from someone who has moved 3 times in the past year; I am not as crazy as that makes me sound, I promise. In my horribly extensive experience it has skinted me every single time, so if you want to move from rented-to-rented SAVE up!!!

Number 3: Pack-up sooner rather than later.

Everytime we move my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy! 1-2 weeks before I am already buying the boxes, the bubble wrap and packing away the less important things. I tell him that I don’t need his input and that I am right doing it this way *do we ever need to listen to them? NO* and every time it gets to moving day and it is still one big effort, one big rush, nothing is packed properly and it usually can’t all be done in one day. Leave the things you use everyday until the last minute but all those ornaments, candles and boxes-upon-boxes of rubbish you’ve stored for months need to be sorted, packed and to the back of your mind; on the day you will argue and fall out with everyone you see; my boyfriend and Mum know this all too well.

Number 4: Mark those boxes properly.

Invest in a handy black permanent marker and make sure each box is marked with the room it needs to go in and what is in it if you’re that organised. This process makes everything so much easier at the other end of your move. I have had situations where I am still unpacking 3 weeks later and I still haven’t found the clingfilm, my strapless bra or a pair of scissors simply because everything is just thrown into a box with no order whatsoever. If you’re not the most regimented or organised person in everyday life, force yourself to be just for a few weeks whilst you move because when you’re spending hours unpacking and you just want everything done, looking amazing and feeling like home, you’ll be so happy that each box, in each room, has everything you need right there at your fingertips.

Number 5: Clean that old place like you still love and adore it.

As you will know, the deposits landlords take in order to protect their property is a hefty sum and as long as you haven’t damaged anything you’ll be expecting that to arrive right back in your bank account where it belongs. However, cleaning is just as important as making sure nothing is damaged beyond repair. If you leave the property dirty, dusty or just not cared for anymore, you will be losing a large amount of the deposit to pay for a cleaner to do what you should have done in the first place and it isn’t cheap. Having an oven, hob, extractor and entire kitchen professionally cleaned can cost around £120 and you don’t want them to be taking that out of your hard earned money, so definitely make sure you leave the property how you would want to find it.


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