A Valentine’s To Remember: York

After our mini break away, I have to say, York is one of the most idyllic cities I have visited to date. Every shop is in a beautifully ornate, picturesque building and I spent my trip with possibly one of my favourite humans ever, so that made it all the more enjoyable really.

‘I want this to be a visual joy.’

This has been one of my favourite posts to photograph for because there was so much beauty to try and capture.

First thing’s first, FOOD!

After waking up ten minutes before the end of breakfast at our hotel *whoops, we’re lazy!* We decided to wander the streets of York in search of somewhere quaint and cosy to have lunch. Like so many things in life, we ended up doing the polar opposite, and ate in an amazingly grand ‘Ask Italian’; the building was simply stunning.

I had the courgette & chicken pesto pasta dish and it was honestly one of the best I have tasted. The pesto was perfectly creamy and not at all overpowering. With a sprinkling *more like a mountain, Sarah* of parmesan and black pepper, I was in my element.


I quickly found some of my favourites shops, it must be some form of telepathic connection really *haha*. The likes of Jo Malone, Molton Brown & The White Company caused me to become lost in the world of candles, diffusers and generally fabulous aromas.

Jack & I are always on the hunt for all things ‘home’ to create the perfect living space for us in our new house. ‘Red Roses’ by Jo Malone & ‘White Lavander’ by The White Company were two of my favourite scents of the day spent with our noses buried in every beautifully crafted candle we could find.

A truly wonderful find was this hidden gem, which I had never heard of before, The Yorkshire Soap Co. (They have a blog too Here.) I would love to go back at some point and stock up on these to give as gifts because they just look perfect for anyone into their aesthetics. They create gorgeous mini plant pots & cake slices out of nothing but soap and, as you can see, the results are just mesmerising.

Bettys, York… need I say anything really? I am sure you’ve all heard. There was literally a queue all day long!! and I kept putting it off thinking ‘I’ll come back later, it will have gone down’ and it never did, so we bit the bullet and stood there in the cold; there had to be a reason it was so busy and I needed to know it. The queue went down surprisingly quickly, the staff came out and thanked us for waiting, it was quite a pleasant experience. The windows are full length all the way round so even whilst waiting you still feel a part of it; you’re stood there so envious though, wondering when you’ll be able to sink your teeth into a scone too!

We ordered ourselves the Afternoon Tea, I think most people do. The sandwiches were delicious, especially the smoked salmon on brown bread, perfection. The highlight, of course, had to be that hyped up scone with clotted cream & jam, I cannot describe the taste; you have to venture there and try it for yourself!

All in all, our first Valentine’s day could not have gone any better. It was in a stunning setting and with somebody I hold so dear. York will definitely be something I remember and really hope to return to because there was so much more for us to explore.

I will leave you with a picture of our ‘Mr & Mrs’ mugs… glad he knows I’m ‘always right’ .

Jack took this picture, so I know he will be beyond happy that it has made the cut!! Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship or single; surround yourself with love, always!!

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